About Us

Who We Are

Since 1994, CosmosAfrica has established itself as the market leader in sales and specialized training in the production of ice cream or gourmet gelato (better known as Italian-style ice cream), coffee and tea. With the recent spread of the appreciation of these products across Nigeria and the West African Coast, CosmosAfrica has responded by expanding its operations into Ghana (through Cosmos Support Ghana Ltd) as the main hub for clients on the coast, and in Nigeria through Cosmos Trade Nigeria ltd. With a sales network across the country and offices/warehouses in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt,. CosmosAfrica has a tried and trusted reach for distribution and continuous, prompt support for customers.

Creative Partnerships

Creativity and innovation are the underlining principles by which we deliver our promises and for which we remain market leaders. To this end CosmosAfrica has partnered with global brands in the fields of ice cream, coffee and tea to ensure that the best in equipments and consumables are available to our customers. To ensure our leadership, training and re-training are a large part of our budget so as to ensure that our team and yours remain in the know of new and innovative ideas for the development of the business. CosmosAfrica's area managers and engineers keep a constant check on equipment performance, providing vital feedback which contributes to improving the specifications and design of our products.

Tried and Trusted Support

An extensive network of engineers and specialists, ensures that our customers can count on the reliability and availability of their equipment at all times, wherever they are. Our technical support service supplies spare parts, performs repairs and offers advice and suggestions for using the equipment to its full potential.
Over time these benefits translate into operating cost savings and high return on investment.

Values and Mission

Creativity and Innovation: To continuously innovate and improve our services in order to create value and to teach others about the gelato, coffee and tea culture through the transformation of the production process into a learning opportunity.