Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted seeds, commonly called coffee beans, of the coffee plant. They are seeds of coffee cherries that grow on trees in over 70 countries. Coffee berries which contain the coffee seed or bean are produced by several species of small evergreen bush of the genus Coffea. The two most commonly grown are the highly regarded Coffea Arabica and the robusta form of the harder Coffea Canephora. Once harvested, the seeds arfe roasted to varying degrees depending on the desired flavour.
Coffee's popularity as one of the top beverages worldwide is a result of its energizing effect which has endeared it to customers worldwide and made it a profitable market for the Quick Service Restaurant, Catering and Hospitality service.
Changes in lifestyles and tastes have led to the increasing yearning of the Nigerian market for coffee in all its forms. As a result, coffee has become more than a few freeze dried grains from a tin into the culture and tradition provided by the ‘Barista’ style of coffee making offered by coffee beans.
Basically, there are two main groupings of coffee beans – the café Arabica and the café Robusta. High quality blends consist of 100% Arabica beans. Lower quality, cheaper blends may have some fraction of Robusta beans, or they may consist entirely of Robusta. Arabica beans produce a superior taste in the cup, being more flavorful and complex than their Robusta counterparts. Robusta beans tend to produce a bitterer brew, with a musty flavor and less body.
With this in mind, CosmosAfrica has brought to the consciousness to consumers the differences in grades and quality of coffee beans. From the Brazilian Arabica coffee used as the base of the espresso blend to the Guatemalan sweet slightly acidic beans; with an intense aroma ranging from chocolaty to flowery back home to the African beans from Kenya and Ethiopia with Arabica beans of very high quality; on to India with the full body flavor and notes of positive bitterness and a spicy aroma. Coffees from El Salvador, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama and Honduras are sweet with more acidic notes and the typical characteristics of the “sweet and light” coffees from Central America. Asia is where the most Robusta is produced, with Vietnam and Indonesia heading the list.
In partnership with illy – for the beans and the capsule system for espresso and cappuccino, LaCimballi for the classic espresso and cappuccino systems – CosmosAfrica has brought to the fore this long loved tradition of coffee drinking into the new millennia.
Hyper Espresso Capsules: The latest illy innovation brings café-quality espresso into the home. The revolutionary two-phase extraction creates an extraordinarily smooth, full-bodied and intensely aromatic coffee with long-lasting cream. Hyper Espresso capsules work exclusively with FrancisFrancis Hyper Espresso machines.
Coffee & Tea in the Quick Service Restaurants
We have recently introduced the “take away” concepts in sale of coffee and tea in the QSR. In the past customers have had to sit in the QSR to enjoy a good cup of Coffee or tea. This solution is provided by the use of BUNN brewer for the filter coffee and the tea ensuring that the aroma of the coffee/tea fills the store. Our belief that the “nose buys the coffee” has justified the brewer system. The coffee/tea is then served in a double walled paper cup with a plastic lid and stirrer.