Office Coffee Service (OCS) Equipment

Cosmos Africa supplies coffee equipment for corporate office in Nigeria. Our range of coffee equipment ensures suitablilty in an office environment. Be it counter top coffee equipment or floor-model, our coffee equipment ensures that people in an office environment or attending meetings get their needed dose of coffee at their convenience without having to leave the office premises.

Koro Espresso

The new Koro dispenser comes from the technology and experience of Necta, a leading brand which is well known and respected in its field. It comes in three models: espresso, instant and fresh brew and can have up to three different canisters. Its advanced 16-bit electronic control makes it extremely flexible and complete.

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Korinto is the newest addition to the Necta range. The product of a long tradition in the top range of food and beverages solution, Korinto is the result of advanced technology that permits obtaining a professional level of performace, optimum quality in a cup and ease of operation.

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