Ice Cream

Ice cream or gelato is a frozen dessert made from cream or butterfat, milk, sugar, fresh fruits or flavoring pastes. There are three main types of ice cream most popular which is the soft ice cream, then the artisan or hard ice cream and the sorbet/sherbet.  
The soft ice cream is made from a mixture of pre-packaged powder and water. For this, CosmosAfrica carries the Angelito range of soft ice cream powder made by Kerry Group. The quality of the product is a combination of a quality ice cream powder and a world class ice cream machine. The Carpigiani range of ice cream machines ensure a quality product is made and the profit margin of the customer is taken care of by their unique pump system. Soft ice cream usually comes in the three classic flavors: vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.
The restriction in choice presented by soft ice cream is more than compensated for by the hard/artisan ice cream range. CosmosAfrica in partnership with an Italian company have ensured that the core characteristics of perfect artisan ice cream are achieved. 
Therefore, CosmosAfrica provides specialized training to customers so that ice cream produced is fresh and sold within a short time, without undergoing treatments aiming to extend its conservation for months. The taste is kept genuine by using natural raw materials such as fresh milk, sugar, cream, eggs, fresh fruit and high-quality semi-finished products; and the result of an accurate process; respectful of traditions and sanitary regulations is a creamy, tasty classic Italian ice cream. 
According to these principles, CosmosAfrica has collaborated with artisan ice-cream producers by providing them with its stabilizers and natural emulsifiers, together with fruit pastes, creams and different decorations obtained with selected raw materials.