Freezing, Storage and Display Machines

Cosmos Africa understands that it is not enough to produce quality ice-creams/gelato. It is also essential to ensure that the quality and intended tastes are retained by ensuring the products are kept under the right temperature as well as being adequately displayed so as to attract customers.

As soon as ice-cream/gelato is produced, it must be transferred to a storage equipment that ensures the temperature within is proportional to the quantity displayed. Factors such as inclination and height of tubs, shape of the glass and automatic defrost are used to ensure that the equipment maintains achieves the right temperature as well as ensure that the products are inviting.

Cosmos Africa aims to satisfy its various clients by supplying a range of freezing, storage and display cases to help preserve client products as well as boost client sales with adequate display.


A product from Carpigiani, Vision is an horizontal display cabinet for gourmet ice-cream.

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Isabella LX

A product from ISA, the Isabella LX is an ice-cream display cabinet at static refrigeration.

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A product from ISA, Mito is designed to have an unlimited number of cabinets to be multiplexed. A single front support gives a non obstructive view of the ice-cream displayed. It has a tempered glass structure and a top opening front glass with gas supports struts.

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A product from Carpigiani, Nordika consists of blast freezers that makes it easy to find the right model for your shop. Nordika blast freezers rapidly transforms residual free water into micro-crystals ensuring that the ice-cream maintains its initial quality for longer, it's creamier, has more volume and easier to serve.

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Isetta LX

A product from ISA, Isetta LX represents the ideal means for the sale of ice-cream thanks to its exclusive design with the minimum of detail and to the extreme reliability of ISA.

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Mr Frost

A product from Carpigiani, Mr. Frost is an innovative shock freezer that combines the advantages of fast refrigeration and high storage capacity, avoiding the need to transfer the product from one appliance to another.

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