Industrial Ice Cream Machines

Cosmos Africa supplies, installs and maintains industrial ice-cream for high end clients interested in mass production of ice-cream. As seen at UAC, Cosmos Africa supplied and installed an industrial ice-cream production plant that produces 15,000 litres of Supreme Ice-Cream every hour.

Icepack K4-8 E

A product from Catta 27, this ice-cream filling lines for cups, cones and bulk can make between 4,000 - 8,000 pieces per hour based on the model.

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Freezmat KSR

A product from ISA, this standard freezer has beater features. This range is also equipped with two lobe pumps, one for mix inlet and one for ice-cream extraction. An electronic air flow meter allows constance of the overrun. The capacity for this equipment is from 400 - 3,000 LPH.

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